Becoming A Treasure Hunter

Championing Others

A key aspect of our movement is the championing of others, or, as some bible translations put it, the preferring of others. This practice is a powerful antidote to self-absorption, and a sure bet for releasing the priesthood. 

We like to call it Treasure Hunting. 

Treasure Hunting

We start treasure hunting when we catch a vision for the church as a kingdom of priests, and we begin seeking out the investment of God in his people. 

God’s kingdom, slang for ‘the king's domain,’ is a treasure trove of intriguing communities and fascinating individuals with stories to be told, ideas to be shared, artwork to be displayed, articles to be published, podcasts to be recorded, songs to be sung, movies to be filmed, and visions to be fulfilled.

As such, treasure hunting has a way of turning up a breathtaking diversity of spiritual gems.

We share these unearthed treasures on this site, via our social media platforms, and in a monthly newsletter

Join the Hunt

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1. Treasure hunters champion others rather than promote themselves.

2. Treasure hunters respect what is happening in the “overground,” but they hunt for treasure in the underground. 

3. Treasure hunters are realistic. Not everything they submit needs to be controversial or 'artistic virtuoso'. However, they are looking for fresh/original more than predictable/cliche.