What Is Treasure Hunting?

One key aspect of our movement is championing others—or, as some translations of the Bible put it, the preferring of others.

This preferring of others is a powerful antidote to self-promotion, and it releases the priesthood.

Celebrating and sharing other people’s work strips us of our self-absorptions so that we can better see God's intent for a collaborative community of priests. By promoting others more than ourselves, we can better participate in that community, too.

Treasure Hunting

“Treasure hunting" describes what happens when Christ-followers catch the vision for the priesthood of believers and seek out and celebrate of other people’s gifts.

God’s kingdom, which is slang for "the king's domain," is a treasure trove of intriguing communities with important stories to tell; a motley crew of individuals with God-given ideas, artwork, and visions-to-be-fulfilled.

As we turn from self-absorption to an awareness of the incredible riches of God’s global community, we become eager to explore God’s kingdom.

At Common Hymnal we want to put this treasure trove on full display. We long to help other Christ-followers find their voices and places in God's project.

Treasure hunting turns up the breathtaking diversity of spiritual gifts and purposes—everything from pastoral care to prophecy, encouragement to exhortation, poetry to photography, sermons to songs.

We have taken our first small steps by starting with a weekly Treasure Hunting email. In it we share links to ideas, stories, articles, podcasts, songs, and other treasures.

Join the Hunt

If you would like to help us find treasures, then please sign up to receive that weekly email. It will include instructions for submitting links.  


1. Treasure hunters champion others rather than promote themselves.

2. Treasure hunters respect what is happening “overground,” but they hunt for buried treasure in the underground. For the most part, we want to feature the people of God who are on the fringes and under the radar.

3. Treasure hunters are realistic. Not everything you submit needs to be controversial or at the paragon of artistic achievement. “Ordinary" can be good and life-giving. At the same time, treasure hunters prefer “fresh" and "original" over “predictable” and “cliche.”