Championing Others - A Distinctive Of The Movement

A distinctive of our movement is the championing of others, or, as some bible translations put it, the preferring of others. This "preferring of others" is key to releasing the priesthood, and a powerful antidote to self-promotion, and a bunch of other self-absorptions that have distracted us from God's intent for us to serve as a collaborative community of priests.

Treasure Hunting

We have come up with the term "Treasure Hunting" to describe the beautiful thing that Christ-followers start doing when they get a vision for the priesthood of believers. The moment we start to turn from self-preoccupation to an awareness of the investment of God in his global community, we become "Treasure Hunters", eager to release every Christ-follower to find their voice and their place in God's project on earth.

The kingdom, which is slang for "the king's domain", is a treasure trove of intriguing communities and individuals with important stories to tell, ideas to share, artwork to exhibit, and God-given visions to be fulfilled. The movement is calling for all of this to be put on full display.

Treasure Hunting describes the seeking out and the celebration of these gifts. It is the special sauce that brings the priesthood of believers to life. Mysteriously, and supernaturally, it fuses a diversity of spiritual gifts and purposes - pastoral care, prophecy, encouragement, helps, mission, and so on. is a site we are building for treasure hunting. If everything goes according to plan, we will launch it at Reunion in October 2017. It is being modeled after, excepting it is a discovery site for undiscovered kingdom treasure rather than tech innovations.

We have taken our first small steps, starting with a weekly Treasure Hunting email, listing links to unearthed kingdom treasure - ideas, stories, articles, podcasts, songs, etc.

If this newsletter catches, we will move the content over to, which is already coded and ready-to-go. 

Join The Hunt

If you would like to do reconnaissance work with us, and submit links, please sign up to receive our weekly "Common Exchange" Treasure Hunting Email. The email will give you instructions on how you can submit links.


1. Treasure Hunters are not self promoters. They are champions of others.

2. Treasure Hunters excavate for buried treasure in the underground. They respect what is happening in the overground, but they understand that the overground is not a focus for this initiative, that this is about looking for kingdom treasure "on the fringes" and "under the surface".

3. Treasure Hunters are realistic that not everything they introduce needs to be sensational or of utmost artistic genius. They recognize that "ordinary" can be good, and life-giving. Nevertheless, Treasure Hunters are hungry to find "fresh" and "original" over cliche.