Important Update


Common Exchange 2.0

When we launched Common Exchange in 2015, we announced that 2.0 would be a partnership with United Pursuit. Our combined goal would be to spread the idea that God's people do best when they pursue his mission as a "kingdom of priests", a collaborative community where everyone gets a chance to play. Common Hymnal, our online songbook, would reflect and support this idea.

In the process of working together on Reunion 2016 we got insight as to "the plan"

Sociological Movement

Reunion made us aware that there was already a movement forming around the idea of God's people functioning as a common priesthood, and that we should architect the partnership around this movement.

Historically, the church organized around theology. In the modern era, vision and production became driving forces. The underground movement, in which we find ourselves, is more sociological in construct. Millennial friendship circles are morphing into highly effective "kingdom communities" where priestly collaboration is a matter of course. There is a high degree of kingdom-minded entrepreneurship in these communities, and members are trading skill sets to help each other fulfill their individual missions, with the net result being God's broader purposes being accomplished in a beautiful way. With this emphasis on entrepreneurship, more and more kingdom ventures are becoming financially sustainable, which is a good thing.

The Plan

(1) Launch A Platform Of Interlinked Sites at Reunion 2017

Similar to the way that and have built network-sites comprising multiple channels, where visitors can toggle easily between the constituent channels, we plan to build a network of interrelated sites to rally the movement. As per the explanations below, traffic will be redirected to Our hope is to get this up and running by Reunion 2017. 

*See the constituent sites below.

(2) Record And Film Our First Common Hymnal Product at Reunion 2017

We are putting together a Common Hymnal music team to share the worship leading schedule at Reunion 2017 with United Pursuit. United Pursuit will market this recording to the Reunion attendees and United Pursuit's list, helping us reach the movement.



*Constituent Sites

(1) has a healthy amount of visitors each month. Now the site will become a springboard to explore the other sites in the network via the "constituent channel listing".


Traffic to our current site,, will be redirected to, which will focus in on the songs of the movement. 

The verbiage about the movement, that is currently housed at, will gradually be moved to different places in the ecosystem. 

(3) (modeled after*

Product Hunt began as a weekly email, compiled by a group of friends, introducing cutting-edge new tech products. When it gathered steam, the content was moved online. (

Beginning mid June, 2017, we will start sending out weekly emails, our first step in doing something similar to introduce and connect kingdom initiatives.

God’s kingdom is full of communities and individuals whose voices will never reach mainstream Christianity. Yet each Christ-follower and every gift is vital to God’s people functioning as originally intended: a kingdom of priests in which everyone has a part to play.

This insight has brought together a team of treasure hunters to search the spiritual underground for trailblazers with inspiring stories, ideas and visions - connecting like-minded believers in a movement of ordinary people doing mission as a common priesthood.

If the newsletter catches, we will move everything over to, which is already coded and ready-to-go. It will not store content, but link visitors to a diversity of other sites. Just like, visitors will be able to "vote up" the discoveries that impact their lives. 

We suspect that will ultimately become the primary source for the songs we add to Common Hymnal.

(4) Community Site

Also in the works is a community site where people in the movement can meet others in their local areas.