Brittney Spencer


Brittney Spencer is a songwriter-singer with a free spirit and a love for molding life, truth and wild imagination into songs. Her love for storytelling landed her in Nashville in 2013 with dreams of singing and writing country music. 

While Brittney is a product of the many musical spaces she occupied while growing up in Baltimore, MD, she credits much of her foundation to what she learned and experienced growing up in church. She’s since traveled, sung and recorded with United Pursuit, Carrie Underwood, Carl Thomas, Jason Nelson and Twinkie Clark of The Clark Sisters, to name a few.

While working as a minister of music at a progressive AME church in Baltimore, Brittney was exposed to the role of culture in music, religion and much of her life’s experiences. That realization began to further take root upon her relocation to Nashville. "A good story is always worth telling," says Brittney, "and the way it’s told matters just as much. So much of my history is embedded in church, and I'm from Baltimore City, which is hardly the south. And I knew this while embarking upon a new journey in country music in Nashville. However, that part of my story was the beginning of all that I am today, and it's important to me that I not lose that in my style of writing and singing, even as I grow and take in new things that I learn along the way."

In 2017, Brittney graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in public relations, with a concentration in music business. Her love for storytelling and finding unique ways to convey the human experience through the lens of faith found its way into the Common Hymnal family in 2016. 



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