"The Trisagion, which means "thrice holy," is an ancient Christian hymn petitioning our fully divine and fully human Lord to have mercy upon us. It is usually sung in multiples of three to reinforce our trinitarian faith. In the Anglican tradition, the Trisagion can be prayed or sung in the Holy Eucharist service before the Confession of Sin, especially during penitential seasons. We will introduce this Taize-style setting of the Trisagion to our church on Ash Wednesday and will sing it throughout Lent. It may also be useful during contemplative prayer or healing services. When we sing hymns like this we enter into something greater than ourselves, we are connected to the worship of angels and saints of every age, and we lose ourselves in the oneness of our communal identity. This particular setting can also be sung as a canon, or round, with one group starting at the top ("Holy God...") while the other group sings the second half ("Have mercy...")." (Ryan Flanigan)

Written by Ryan Flanigan (BMI)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Ryan Flanigan Music (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7086349.

Holy God
Holy and mighty
Holy immortal one
Have mercy, mercy, mercy
Upon us



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