Why The Emphasis On Cross-Pollation?

God has deposited a cache of spiritual treasure in each community.

Sadly, his people are not digging deeply into his treasure trove, as we have become accustomed to sourcing our 'spiritual supplies' from a small number of well-known Christian personalities. This is how the world around us works. Yet we are supposed to be a distinct community, operating differently from the surrounding cultures. When we truly grab a hold of the idea of us being a 'kingdom of priests', and begin to embrace the notion that each follower of Jesus has something important to bring to the table, we will begin to realize that we are sitting in a field of undiscovered treasure!!

This revelation has a way of triggering two gut-level responses:

(1) The need to start hunting out some of this treasure.

(2) The need to help spreading unearthed treasure far and wide.

Cross-pollination is both intuitive and logical. It has, as its goal, the enrichment of God's people through the sharing of ideas, creativity and resources.  

(Not everything that emerges in local community life has ‘apostolic’ ramifications. Therefore there is an element of curation involved in ministry to the body-at-large. Still, not everything that is useful to the body-at-large needs to be perfectly polished to be valid. Therefore the diversity in production quality and in presentation on this site. The push for 'excellence' has mostly resulted in a push for 'production'. It is probably time to broaden the definition of excellence beyond 'production'. It is probably also time to face the fact that production and discipleship have almost nothing in common!

It is also important to note that these discoveries are not limited to youth culture - as is becoming the norm just like it has become the norm in showbiz. If everyone gets a chance to participate, then this surely is to include all generations, all cultures, all nations, etc.)