1 Giant Leap

One of our most popular blogs is “Decolonizing The Worship Movement.” Sadly, there is not much happening in Christianity that dignifies the worship of the nations. 1 Giant Leap is NOT a Christian project, but it celebrates cultural diversity beautifully by fusing music, words, sounds, rhythms and images from 20 countries. Hopefully it can inspire vision in some of us for what could happen in the kingdom of God. 

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A Black Face In An Evangelical Space 2

“When you separate politics from the church, you in essence separate Blacks from the congregation. One must understand that cross-pollination requires education with a cultural and political conscience. Within evangelical culture, there has never been a need for political consciousness. When the system has been in your favor, why would you want change?” (Sanchez Fair)

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The Liberal And Indiscriminate Gift Of The Spirit

“We tend to think the 'WTF?!' reactions to Pentecost are to do with the crazy manifestations. The Old Testament and the ministry of Jesus are full of supernatural encounters. That is the very reason they were in the room waiting in the first place. What prompts the 'WTF?!' in the room is far more to do with the undeserving and unqualified people who are receiving it.” (David Gate)

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