A Fire Lives


A Fire Lives 

"It's easy to be discouraged by the church. It's often a place of pain. If you stick around any church for any length of time, it's flaws and faults will become glaringly obvious before too long. The truth is, though, that God has no other plan. The Church is Jesus' bride, for whom he is going to return. This song is an encouragement for us to love, embrace and to continue to take our place in the church, the hope of the world. A fire lives; it's you and me." (Matthew Macaulay)

Written by Matthew Macaulay (PRS)
© 2014 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Purple Mustard (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7028233.

A fire lives
A fire burns
It's made up from the flames of hearts
It blazes by devoted souls
A light shines
A light glows
It's gleaming from the eyes that see
It sparkles from the lives that know

We are your bride
And you will come for us
You will run to us
Yes, we are your bride
So jealous is your love
You will come to us

A love stands
A love bleeds
It's chasing after hearts to fill
Flowing from the mercy seat
The groom waits
The day longs
The trumpet sounds, the bells ring out
The banquet is prepared for us

O God, pour out your Spirit
On all flesh and blood
O God, open the heavens
We'll see your kingdom come



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