Advent Prayer


Advent Prayer

Triune God, 
Loving Father, Son Who Is With Us, Spirit Most Holy Who Indwells and Comforts, Guides, and Protects Us,
Three in One,
we love calling you by your name, Immanuel, God-With-Us.

May our hearts be wombs like Mary’s. May you find us fertile with anticipation of your coming.

May our words give you acclaim like the angels on that night, millennia ago, in the desert, when they cried their praise.

We wait. We live in this in-between time where we experience reverberations of your first coming and longings for your second coming.

Are you ever going to come again?

We know that scripture says the Lord is slow so that more may come to repentance. 

But as we look around and see calamity and corruption, wildfires and persecution, greed and grafting, evil seems to flourish everywhere.

Where are you? Why aren’t you coming? 

Come. Please come.

We are like women groaning in the pains of childbirth. 

Do you also return to this world through us? Do we help to bring your Advent to the people we meet? The poor and poor in spirit? The downtrodden and overwhelmed?

We wait for you.

We wait for you to eradicate cancer. Forever. 
We long for you to wipe away every tear. Forever.

We pine for peace. We crave the ultimate end of strife and hatred and walls to shut people out and words that shut people up and systems that cause people to perish and the kingdom of darkness to swell.

Holy Child, Son Begotten Not Made, we do not understand your perfect will, your perfect time, your perfect love. We do not understand why you wait, yet we wait for you.

Tonight, we tell you that despite our great uncertainty, despite our deconstructing and reconstructing faith, despite the chorus of other voices saying you don’t come because you don’t care, we affirm that you are God. 

Only you know how to lead us to true prospering. Only you can save and heal us. Only you are God.

You who chose a virgin and you who chose a manger and a stable and you who chose the most inauspicious birth imaginable, going from the sea of praise of the heavenly host to the mute watching and rustling of beasts, you who chose such fragility, such vulnerability, Doer of Impossible Joys, we wait for you. We believe in your first Advent, and we await your second. Those two Advents are the defining reality of our lives.

Amidst the tumult and the pulsing of vanity and the vacuity in our world, may your light break forth as glorious dawn.

King Jesus, we wait for you. We will wait always until the end of time.


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