"I've always been fascinated with Revelation 21. I believe it's one of the most beautiful passages within the entire Biblical text, but it also seems to be one of the most misinterpreted. 
I was raised the oldest son of a Pentecostal Preacher. As much as I love my roots, growing up within a fundamental Pentecostal tradition came along with a few quirks (as you can imagine); especially when it came time to talk about the "end times" as they called it. Like ghost stories around a camp fire, My childhood and adolescent years were filled with stories of being "left behind." Now, I'm not claiming to have all the answers, but later in life when I actually began studying the Revelation 21 text I saw a much different picture. I saw a picture of restoration rather than utter destruction; renewal rather than absolute abandonment. 
In Revelation 21, I see the intersection of a new heaven and a new earth; a place where every wrong is made right and all things are made beautiful again. I believe this is the heart of our God - to heal, restore, and renew. It's really good news! I find myself daydreaming a lot lately about what that place will look like, and as a result I've been writing a lot of songs about it. Arrive is one of those songs that seeks to testify to that coming day." (Micah Massey)

Written by Micah Massey (ASCAP)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Regenerate Music Company (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7061364.

Let justice flow like a waterfall
Justice flow like a waterfall
Let healing come like a rushing wind
Healing come like a rushing wind
And sweep our land

I hear singing in the cemeteries
You are breathing new life into creation

The coming king will soon arrive
His enemies will run and hide
The coming king will soon arrive
He’ll wipe away the tears from our eyes

Orphans dance, hear the widow sing
Chains will break, let the slave go free
Sons and daughters prophesy
Old men dream, every wrong made right
Every wrong made right

He’ll wipe away the tears from our eyes
Wipe away the tears from our eyes
Wipe away the tears from our eyes
He’ll wipe away the tears from eyes



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