Ash Wednesday's Early Morn


Ash Wednesday's Early Morn

"On Ash Wednesday we remember that we came from dust, and we will return to dust. We sober up to our mortality. We begin again our journey with Jesus to his death. We need Ash Wednesday because we live in a world that promises life without death. We are drunk on the things of this culture. We think that we can find fulfillment on our own. But despite our greatest efforts, despite our creative ingenuity, we cannot. We proclaim Christ crucified, the only way by which we may find true life. This is foolishness and hope.

For decades Father Nelson Koscheski has imposed ashes on the foreheads of men, women, and children every Ash Wednesday, reminding worshipers, "From dust you came, and to dust you shall return." A couple years ago his wife Judy came to the rail holding a newborn in her arms, the baby’s mother kneeling beside her. Struck by the beauty of this moment - representatives of the beginning, middle, and end of life before him - Nelson wrote a poem, which I later set to melody." (Ryan Flanigan)

Written by Ryan Flanigan (BMI), Nelson Koscheski (BMI)
© 2018 Ryan Flanigan Music (BMI), Common Hymnal Digital (BMI) (admin by CCLI# 7123490

C                             F       C
It is Ash Wednesdays’ early morn
       Am                        F        G
The old, the young, the newly born
   Dm                    F/C      Am
Await the mark of Adam’s dust
     F                        G      C
To seal their wills in Jesus’ trust 

Prepared to walk the Lenten trail
They face death’s dark and shadowed vale
Rememb'ring Christ who led the way
They bravely march beneath his sway 

You came from dust and dust would be
Without the Great Son’s victory
The gift is free yet must be claimed
By goodness lived and evil tamed 

It is Ash Wednesday’s early morn
The old, the young, the newly born
Await the mark of Adam’s dust
To seal their wills in Jesus’ trust



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