Story Behind The Song: At The Table (Holy Invitation)


At The Table (Holy Invitation)


I had never written with Leslie before. When I first sat down with her in a room with a couple guitars, I couldn’t have imagined the direction we would go and what would come from our time together. Our conversation quickly made its way to our personal background and our church experience, and we found ourselves processing the “un-learning” that had taken place for both of us over the last number of years… an un-learning of religious structure, an un-learning of a powerless belief system, an un-learning of a faith devoid of movement toward what God really cares about… basically an un-learning of Western Christianity. From the opening line, “A stagnant faith, a shallow gospel, save me from all these things..” to the last line “I can see you when I’m broken, I can see you when I’m poor..”, each verse was basically our conversation put to music.

Both of us seemed to have this desire to not waste time trying to write the next bit hit, but rather be honest about our spiritual journeys which seemed to collide in a special way in our first time writing together. What came out was a song through which we have an honest conversation with God about where we are at, and in the process we have a series of revelations where we first see the depth of our own need, then we see Jesus and where he actually is, which is at the table with the poor and broken, then we hear his invitation to come join him there… but the last revelation is that we can only see him when we ourselves know our own spiritual poverty, and it’s in that place he will always give us himself. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

David Brymer



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