Break Our Hearts Again


Break Our Hearts Again

"'Break our hearts again' – an interesting petition. Should we not rather ask God to heal our broken hearts? Perhaps. Or, perhaps, in the rending, there is revelation we’d miss if we moved too quickly from broken to whole.
'Break Our Hearts Again' is an attempt to bring our whole selves into worship, both the beautiful parts and the broken parts. The Psalms, our ancient hymnal, certainly allow for a dynamic range of emotions when singing to the Deity. The same Psalmist sings both “praise” and “lament” and, even in the polarities, God listens.
What if we weren’t afraid to “lay our armor down” – to truly open up to God and one another about the joys and pains of living? That kind of honesty takes practice. The rending of our hearts is a spiritual exercise and, like any exercise, does not come without repetition. So break our hearts again. Make us new again." (Paul Demer)

Written by Paul Demer (BMI)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Demer Music (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7083279.

We pile up like dry bones
Like orphans gathering
In burden, we’re broken
Our defenses fracturing

So break our hearts again
Stretch us till we bend
Breathe new life on these tired bones
And make us new again

Our mountains are crumbling
Like sand into the sea
Our rivers run drier
Than the rocks beneath our feet

We lay our armor down



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