Story Behind The Song: Come All You Thirsty


Come All You Thirsty


This song first came about in 2009 when I wanted to explain Jesus for my friends who do not know him and have absolutely no desire to want to know anything about him.

I wanted Jesus to kind of introduce himself and not for me to stand in the way of that, so I chose to write the song as if he was saying the words himself.

So how would Jesus introduce himself to someone who doesn't think she or he needs him?

Well, I know my friends and I know myself and I know we are never truly satisfied by what our world and culture offers. I know we think we are quite smart and have most of our sh*t together. But at the end of the day we’re still looking for something more. At the end of the day we’re still thirsty and weary, and weak and completely lost.

And God has this amazing invitation for everyone who does thirst. For everyone who is weary. For the liar and for the lonely. For anyone that is struggling in any way, basically. That we can come to him to eat and drink and we don't even have to pay for it! That he is this water that takes away our thirst so we will never thirst again. 

And that's how I wanted Jesus to introduce himself. As the one who offers water for the thirsty and peace for the restless and truth for the liar and honor for the forgotten one. 

Jenny Wahlström



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