Story Behind The Song: Come And Tear Down The Walls


Come And Tear Down The Walls


Of all the relationships we’re in, the one with God should be the most straight forward. Right? Sadly, many of the songs we sing about God use language and imagery that keep us at a safe distance so we don’t really have to be real. I’m not saying that these songs are wrong, but I don’t want to be polite with God. He is supposed to be my closest friend, my saviur, my father and my brother. 

This song came from a place where I really needed to be real with God, again. 

I needed to come clean before him, again. I needed to repent, again. Admitting that I constantly seem to create this distance between myself and him. When I do my own thing, when I try to be my own God, when I try to figure everything out by myself, when I’m walking my own way.

So I started writing it as a cry for help. That I needed God. That I knew I’d messed up, and that I knew I would continue to mess things up and get things wrong. 

Therefore, I needed him to come a tear down the high walls around me. Because I didn’t really believe in them. I really did not. Thats not how I wanted to live my life, being totally isolated, at a safe distance from him. I wanted to be close. And I wanted to go in closer.

But then when me and Mark Alan picked up the song together, it struck us that it also has to do with trust. Trusting God that he actually is that good father that he claims himself to be. Trusting God that he is generous and gives without holding back. Trusting God to come through when we really need him. 

Jenny Wahlström

Jenny and I had never met before the day we wrote this song. Jenny was on tour from Sweden in the USA and on a day off, happened to be in my city. 

As we chatted, I discovered that she had spent most of her musical life writing pop top-lines. 

She shared the opening line of this song that she had been chewing on for some time and it instantly sparked.  

There are so many barriers that we construct in our lives - barriers between ourselves and others who don’t look like us, between us and others with differing life views, and ultimately, barriers between us and God.

This song is a simple yet bold ask, one that only comes about by humility on our part but when it’s embraced, can bring about powerful transformation in us and the world around us. 

Mark Alan Schoolmeesters



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