Come To The Table


Come To The Table

"For much of our world, there is a desire to be a part of the “in” crowd, but the reality is that Jesus’ approach to hospitality is countercultural to our western way of thinking. Where we would prefer to welcome in the people who can provide some sort of kickback for us, Jesus says to welcome the stranger, the poor and the outcast. The parable that Jesus told in Luke 14 has taken a hold of me. Jesus’ table is open to anyone who is willing to come. There is no elite inner circle. All are welcome! The Greek word for hospitality in the New Testament is actually translated as the "love of strangers.” True biblical hospitality is loving strangers, immigrants and enemies. I am learning that acceptance is different from acknowledgment; tolerating someone is different than welcoming them. And if we are going to live out biblical hospitality, it’s going to require open arms that welcome anyone and everyone to come to the table." (Mark Alan Schoolmeesters)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Standing Room Only (BMI) (admin by

Come all proud, come all greedy
Come all liars, come all shamed
Come all wealthy, come received it
To the table, come today  

Come all broken, come all needy
Come all poor, and come all slaves
Come all rulers, come be seated
Come all sinners, come all saints

Come to the table, from near and from far
Come from the shadows, come out of the dark
There's room at the table, we saved you a seat
Come to the banquet, come join in the feast

Every race, every nation
Come all rebels, come all gay
From the fringes, come to Jesus
To a table full of grace
To the table come and stay

Come to the table, come eat and drink
There's no inner circle, come dine with the king
Recline at the table, come let down your guard
You're never a stranger, just come as you are

Come be whole, come be loved
Come accepted, come now come

Prepared is the table, we're ready to feast
The party is waiting, there's more still to feed
The harvest is ready, go fill every seat
Go live out the mission as a kingdom of priests



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