Story Behind The Song: Communion




For over 2000 years, conversations have abounded on what it really meant. Does it save us? Is it actually his body and blood? Is it just a sober moment of remembrance? How do we take it? Oh wait, we can’t take it, we can only receive it. And which hand goes over the other? Grape juice or wine? Am I welcome here or am I not?

At the end of a long day, the king of the universe sat around a simple table with his friends. Maybe he carved the table with his own wood working hands. He took simple, familiar, delicious things in those rugged hands and offered them to his friends. And then later, he died. Two thousand years of unpacking what really happened leads us to this moment. We gather with friends. We share stories. We offer simple and delicious food to one another. We remember him. We enter into a living reality that Jesus extended his love so far that we can’t fathom it. The arms extended to offer the bread and wine, the arms that extended on that rugged cross, a love that reached from that moment through until this moment, becomes ours. And our reception of it all changes us. We live more open, more generously, more vulnerably and more beautifully. 

Micah Joy Macaulay



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