Confiar Sem Desconfiar


Confiar Sem Desconfiar

It is impossible for our minds to fully comprehend God's ways. According to Isaiah, his ways are totally and utterly different than ours. And we need to trust in him when we feel safe and when we feel displaced.

I grew up in a stable Christian home in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. My father left a successful business, when I was a kid, to pioneer a worship record company (Oni Music) - and it was a success from day one. He is a giant in the kingdom - humble, peaceable and wise as can be. My mother transitioned from functioning as a traveling worship leader to finding a unique role, in our nation, training up emerging worship leaders (Adorando). She, too, is godly and full of wisdom.

I left the safety of my family when I married my high school sweetheart as a teenager. Even with the foundations that had been laid into my life, I was not equipped for the drastic changes that this would bring - not only leaving my family and my church and my town, but moving to a new country, learning a new language, etc, etc, etc. I had just not experienced anything like it before. More than ever, I needed to put my trust fully in God - and not doubt his commitment to me. 

I wrote a song entitled Confiar Sem Desconfiar (Trust Without Mistrusting) in the middle of this season. I am hoping that listening to a song in Portuguese will provoke you, in a good way, to ponder God's faithfulness in your circumstances. He is a good shepherd and will lead you and guide you into safety and calm.

Ana Luiza Tristao-Ferreira (Adorando)




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