"At all times Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of the father and reigns supreme. He is the Lord of our lives whether we receive him or not. In world full of terrorism, cultural tensions, and generations of hurt, Christ still remains king. The song "Crown" is a cry and a prayer for the nations to personally crown Christ as King. "Crown" is a prayer that the nations would rise up with one voice, crown Christ, and seat him on the throne of their hearts, as he is in the heavens. He truly is the answer to our tensions, issues, hatreds, fears, and our "heart's desire." (Psalm 37:4)" (Chase Wagner)

Written by Chase Wagner (BMI)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Race Street Market (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7061303.

You have the power to heal our land
Rulers of nations in your hand
Give us revival
Give us your Spirit, O God

Your church will do amazing things
With the power and healing in your wings
Give us revival
Give us your Spirit, O God

Let the earth sing
Let the nations
Rise up and crown you, Lord
You are the answer unto our hearts desire

Your love is a fire, a burning flame
A passion alive we can’t contain
Give us revival
Give us your Spirit, O God

Every tribe and every people
Will proclaim there is no equal to
Your name, be praised
In the dark your light is shining
Across the earth this hope is rising
For your name, be praised



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