Crying Holy


Crying Holy

"I wrote the original Swedish version of “Crying Holy” in an extremely stressful season of life - a time of crippling financial hardship. I felt that I was to obey God’s direction even though it was not bringing in any income. My spirit said yes but my soul was afraid.

Anxious as I was, I was being challenged to speak out God’s promises for my life. There is something beautiful that happens when we embrace God’s sovereignty in the midst of our humanity. This song started to take form in the midst of this tension. ”You are merciful and tender to my tears. You have carried all my fears. You have felt all that I feel …” 

Worship changes our perspective. Irrespective of our circumstances, when we declare God’s faithfulness we remind ourselves of what he has done throughout history, and it inspires faith and rest. It is possible to come to God with grief and disbelief in hearts and to find ourselves at one with creation, and with all who have gone before us, and the church around the world, that he is holy and wonderful – the only savior and the only one worth of our adoration.

Not many Swedish songs travel beyond the borders of our country. 'How Great Thou Art" was first written in Swedish, translated into Russian, then German, then into English. This song was introduced to Common Exchange by David's Hjärta." (Johan Åsgärde)

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Written by Johan Åsgärde (STIM), Aaron Keyes (ASCAP), Mattias Frändå (STIM)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), David Songs (STIM) (admin by CCLI 7061270.

You were there before the world began to be
From eternity you called, and you fashioned me
You have loved me as the apple of your eye
You have drawn my fallen heart, you have led me all my life

The angels sing of endless grace and love
With everything that is and ever was

Crying, “Holy, Holy, Lord!
You’re the savior of the world! We extol you!”
Bringing glory to you Lord
And we’ll never stop, for you our God forevermore

You are merciful and tender to my tears
You have carried all my cares, you have felt all that I feel
So when I fall back into a troubled soul
You remind me who I am, and you come so close

I join the endless song of grace and love
With everything that is and ever was

From the corners of the earth
Hear the song that’s ringing out, “He is wonderful!”
And the worship you deserve
Will never stop for you our God forevermore

"A bird's eye view into the process of how I re-created the song from Swedish into English." (Aaron Keyes)

The Original Swedish Version Of The Song



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