Delight In The Lord


Delight In The Lord

"Delight In The Lord is a reflection based on years of experience praying the Jesus Prayer, in which I discovered that improvement in my Christian walk was less a matter of effort or program than it was of sheer delight, love, and desire to please God as I used to want to please my dear maternal grandfather. I simply wanted to love my grandfather from the bottom of my toes. So I pray to be formed in the delight of God by word and sacrament, by loving presence, and by that precious 'infant gaze' the children gave Jesus so that I may stand in His Presence forever with my heart in my hand." (Nelson Koscheski)

Delight In The Lord
Written by Ryan Flanigan (BMI, Nelson Koscheski (BMI)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Ryan Flanigan Music (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7123493.

Em              B      Em                D
Bind me, O Lord, close to your loving heart
Em             B     Em            D
For without you, helpless, I wander off
Am        Em       C                                B
There is always something pulling me apart
Bb                            A                Dsus    D
I cannot keep you in mind, just myself

Make me, dear Lord, solely delight in you
May I desire to follow in your ways
Fill my mind, Lord, then indeed I will be true
Fill my heart, and I will be truly yours

     Em      Am       Em             D
Delight, delight, delight in the Lord
Em              Am                  Em                D
Stand in his presence, and give him your praise
Am              Em           D            G
Gaze on his glory, our certain reward
   D                       G          B             Em
Adore him through all your life-given days

Keep me, O Lord, from image or event
Luring my poor infant gaze from your face
Hold my body to your word and sacrament
Let me love you like the child that I am

Those who delight in you will surely stand
Let me desire only your holy face
Father, may I worship you with heart in hand
While my little soul is filled with your gaze



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