Give Us Love


Give Us Love

"We’re in desperate need and it’s an emergency. A moment like this must not be met with apathy nor stolen by fear. The price is too great. Our generation has both the opportunity and the responsibility to allow the gospel we preach to have its way in all of us for the sake of all of us. Here we find the resolve to fight for the dignity of all of our brothers and sisters and not just the ones with whom we have the most in common. This is what makes our gospel more than a talking point but a reality of the glory of God in His people." (Freddy Washington)

Written by Will Reagan (ASCAP), Freddy Washington (ASCAP)
© 2018 Common Hymnal (ASCAP), WholeHeart (ASCAP), United Pursuit Music (ASCAP), Capitol CMG Genesis (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7107179.

A                  D/A
You created all of us
A                       D/A
We are all your children
C#m                   D
How have we forgotten
C#m                    D               A/C#
Where it is we’ve come from 

Bm         A/C#    D          A/C#
Teach us how to love
Bm          A/C#   E      
Teach us how to love
The way that you love 

D  A     Bm           A/C#
O Lord Jesus, forgive us
           D                  A/F#     E     A/C#
For we know we’ve lost our way
D  A     Bm                A/C#
O Lord Jesus, please heal us
             D         A/F#        E    
Give us love for all you’ve made  

You say only love remains
You forgave your enemies
We can’t pretend to know your name
Until our pride is stripped away



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