Glory Of The Lord


Glory Of The Lord

"It was the last songwriting session of the week and Jesse, Isaac and I were reminiscing over some of our favorite living room worship moments during the writing retreat. The intimacy and rawness of a small space filled with passionate worshippers had marked each of us in a unique way. We decided the most sincere approach to writing a song of worship was to simply spend time adoring the Lord together. What we thought was twenty minutes of spontaneous praise turned into an hour long Spirit-led writing session. We voice memo'd our time together just to document the process, and ended up connecting three spontaneous sections together to create the song. The second verse was added a bit later to add a more personal exhortation, while deepening the imagery of us as one body coming together just as the rivers in creation do." (Cutter Gage)

Written by Cutter Gage (ASCAP), Jesse Taitt (ASCAP), Isaac Gill (ASCAP)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), JCG3 Publishing (ASCAP), Level Music Studios (ASCAP), Isaac Gill Music (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7113359.

May the glory of the Lord cover all of the earth
As the waters cover the sea

And all will see the glory of the Lord

May our hearts be as one as we come to worship the Lord
As the rivers run to the sea

Every tribe, every tongue, every nation brings you praise



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