God Of The Impossible


God Of The Impossible

"Most of the song came very quickly when I was in a hotel room in Dublin - completely exhausted. I was sharing the room with a big snorer so sleep wasn't easy.  Most of it just fell out, but I know what I'd been marinating in the truth of what humility looks like and the freedom we can enter when we agree with God's perspective on us - he's made us magnificent! That truth has only made people want to worship Jesus more, but it's been wonderful seeing people quite literally stepping into freedom as they dared to confess a radical truth and give God the glory for it." (Chris Spring)

Written by Chris Spring (PRS)
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It's you who stops me falling
My ever loving father
Who dares me walk on water
To step out with you 

Wherever you will call me
You'll always go before me
God of the impossible
My trust is in you

So I rise again
The wings on which I fly can't be broken
At the cross it ends
No weapon formed against me will prevail

You made me magnificent
To shine out with your glory
The God of the impossible
Is rising up in me 

Let it rise up, let it rise up
O wind of your Spirit
Let it rise up, let it rise
Mighty wave of your love
I will rise up, I will rise up
On wings like eagles
I will up, I will rise up
On wings of your power 

You are my magnificent
I'm living for your glory
O God of the impossible
Rise up in my praise

Song Solutions Daybreak (PRS) 



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