Story Behind The Song: Grace Came Running


Grace Came Running

‘We need more up beat songs about grace that we can dance to.’ That’s what I was thinking when the idea for this song came. Initially as a pop type song, but we have enough of those. I love the joyful sound of reggae. It lends itself to wildness in the engagement of an audience. So for the first few weeks I was sitting with this idea I just kept dancing with myself and singing “Wiyo”. I don’t know what it means if it means anything, but it feels like joy and wildness. And that’s what I think this song is, and what we should lend ourselves to when exploring joy and wildness in the celebration of God’s grace. 

Dee Wilson

Nothing against the recent trend of 4-on-the-floor dance tunes, but there areother sounds that draw out other aspects of the soul in terms of celebration. "Grace Came Running" eschews the normal celebratory formula in worship for a more subtle, sunny feel. More flow than force, the melody echoes the lyric in that way. Grace sought us before even knew we needed seeking. Grace ran to us before we ever ran to it. And just as powerfully as grace rescued us originally, so persistently will grace sustain us to the end. And yes: it does seem to be too good to be true. That's what lets us know we're beginning to scratch the surface of just how amazing this grace really is. 

Aaron Keyes

There are some words we use so habitually in the Church and in our worship that we do all but devoid them of their meaning. Surely “grace” is one of those words. How often have we thrown it around like a wet dish rag? We use it to clean up our messes and then move on with our lives. But if there is a word that requires us to step back and take a second look, it must be the word “grace.” The mere sound of it is music to the ears. Grace. Glorious Grace! God’s act of grace through the person of Jesus Christ has revealed to us that God is a generous God...benevolent even! We thought He was holding out on us, but He was reaching out. We thought He was at war with us, but He was fighting for us. We thought we drove Him away, but He kept running after us. “Grace Came Running” is a song of celebration that is as refreshing as the word “grace.” May it awaken a heart of gratitude in worship for the surprising, yet substantive, gift of God’s grace.          

Micah Massey



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