"Hallelujah. It means praise the Lord. That spectrum of praise can range from a roaring and raucous hallelujah to a broken whispered hallelujah. It is easy to praise God on the mountaintops of life, but the hallelujahs we sing in life's most broken and lonely places can be the most powerful.

Verse one of this song deals with our deepest disappointments and the pain we experience in them. David says that he literally "flooded his couch" with tears as he sought the Lord in a time of trouble. Isaiah promises that God will not break a "bruised" reed...there is always hope.

Verse two refers to Elijah, who on the heels of a tremendous victory against the forces of darkness on Mt. Carmel, is now asking God to end his life. Elijah felt completely isolated and that all his efforts had been in vain. He feared for his life. There God visits him, strengthens him and refreshes his vision because God is not done using Elijah to bring about his plan of redemption.

The third and final verse of Hallelujah rings with not only a sense of hope but also of victory. The lyric remembers God's promise through Isaiah that those who wait on the Lord will mount up with wings like an eagle. The lyric recalls Paul and Silas singing a broken hallelujah inside of a prison cell when suddenly the bars are literally shaken off their hinges. Hallelujah is a triumphant anthem, reminding us that even in our darkest hour their is great power in our praise." (Adam Cates)

Written by Adam Cates (BMI)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Adam Cates Music (BMI) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7061353.

Flood my bed tonight with unending tears
All those disappointments that roll down through the years
But I heard that you would not give more than we can take
Life to the dying seed, the bruised reed will not break

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Cried out like Elijah: "Am I the only one that's left?"
Lord, why don't you just kill me know or hide me in the cleft
But a wounded generation right out my window sill
So let it be done unto me according to your will

I've heard it said the righteous will surely live by faith
The weary would sprout new wings if upon you they would wait
Prison bars are shaken as the pure pour out their praise
Zion's mountain rising here in these latter days

It's a broken hallelujah, it's a lonely hallelujah
It's a whispered hallelujah, victorious hallelu



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