Heaven's Declaration


Heaven's Declaration

"Heaven's Declaration is written out of listening! Of listening to the fathers love over us. We sometimes forget that the father is constantly singing over our lives. Over me and you. Over the broken, the lonely, the honest and the liar. The melody from heaven draws us home to our origins. His perfect love leaves us with the only one thing left to do - join in the response - with all who have gone before us, with all who felt his love on the inside, saying: 'There's none like you God. Only you are holy!' I can feel the father's heart crying, longing and reaching for every 'wayward son and daughter' So wanting for them the freedom and life that he won for all." (Johan Åsgärde)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI), Chase Wagner (BMI), Johan Åsgärde (STIM), Oliver Lundström (STIM)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Standing Room Only (BMI), Race Street Market (BMI) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com), BMG Rights Management (Scandinavia) AB (STIM), BMG Platinum Songs (ASCAP) (admin by BMG Rights Management, US LLC). CCLI 7071968.

I can hear sound of distant singing
The father's song is reaching out to me
From this day and now forever forward
This is heaven's declaration over me

This, the song of healing and of freedom
It's my response and it will be my creed
It stirs my heart and sets me into motion
This is heaven's declaration in my being

Join in the response
Glory to the Son
Glory to you only
Amazed, we stand in awe
There's no one like you, God
Only you are holy

There's no way for man to keep it silent
It's crossing every border, every sea
Singing for the wayward sons and daughters
So let heaven's declaration be released

Let the tide, let it rise, take us higher
Let it stir, let it grow from within
Like a flood, fill it up, sing it louder
No regrets, no return to the former
Let the true revolution begin
Every voice, every heart, sing forever

This is heaven's declaration over me
This is heaven's declaration in my being
So let heaven's declaration be released



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