Holding On


Holding On

"Light is more distinguishable in the dark and often we see the reality of Jesus either when we face our own darkness or sit with someone else existing in a dark place. That was true for me as I sat with my friend and prayed for him each week as he valiantly battled a very aggressive cancer in his body. I would welcome Jesus and his presence by the Holy Spirit some weeks, and others, I would just sit. I couldn’t even find the words to pray. It felt like a hopeless situation and yet even in the midst of the pain of losing someone I realised that the only hope we both had, when all else had been stolen was Jesus. He was in fact all that we had to hold on to. The glimmer of light was enough to assure each day held hope. That experience coupled with some of my own journey through darkness was where this song came from." (Matthew Macaulay)

Written by Matthew Macaulay (PRS)
© 2014 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Purple Mustard (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7028239.

You, yes you, only you, bring life where the dark lives
And joy where the fear grips
You, yes you, only you
Bring warmth to a cold heart, and grace in the place of shame

I'm letting go, I'm letting go

And I am holding on, I am holding to Jesus
I am holding on, I am holding on to hope
No power or dominion can separate me from this love

You, yes you, only you, bring peace in the torment
And hope in the silence
You, yes you, only you, bring jewels from the desert
And love in the place of pain

I'm alive, I'm alive in you
I'm alive, I'm alive in you

You, yes you, Jesus you, will return in your glory
Wipe the tears from this story
You, yes you, Jesus you, only you, only you, only you



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