Holy Ground


Holy Ground

"This song was a development of many pondering's on the theme of the threshing floor. The scriptures at times refer to the suffering of God's people being as if they themselves were on a threshing floor. There's a testing, a loss, suffering, a personal death, so to speak. The beauty of God's power and his heart toward us is that it is not the end. In fact it may be the beginning. Interestingly at the end of 2 Samuel God instructs David to purchase Araunah's threshing floor and to build an alter; this is the place that Solomon would eventually build the temple. The place of sacrifice and worship is indeed holy ground. Things can be built in our lives that you would never think possible." (Matthew Macaulay)

Written by Matthew Macaulay (PRS)
© 2014 Common Hymnal Publishing (PRS), Purple Mustard (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7028240.

On this dusty floor, you spoke to my heart
On this broken ground, redeeming my past
The cornerstone laid, triumphant with truth
Foundations of grace, this place is for you

Holy is this ground we stand on
Holy is this land you'll build on
We worship you, we worship you

On this dusty floor, the altar was built
The sacrifice made, your promised fulfilled
A temple of hearts, and pillars of praise
A city of lights from the dust we are raised

On this holy ground
On this holy ground
On this holy ground
We will worship you



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