Story Behind The Song: I've Got The Joy


I've Got The Joy

“I’ve got the Joy” came as I was on my way to sleep after a long ride from Virginia to Tennessee. Ben Hardesty and I traveled through the night as we were on our way to a Common Hymnal writing camp, and I couldn’t help but be inspired to write with the people that I now know as family. When we arrived in Franklin, Tennessee, it was around 3:00 in the morning. I almost instantly found myself in bed, eyes shut, ready to doze off into the deep. And that’s when the inspiration hit. I started singing the melody and mumbling “Ohhh something ‘bout the joy of the Lord down in my soul” which soon followed the tag “it’s so good, it’s so good” and then gibberish. I was smart enough to record this spark in my voice memos because I truly couldn’t let this song get away. 

The next morning, with excitement and inspiration, I had to show Ben and we immediately got to work in finishing the song. Thanks to Ben, he fine-tuned the song and it was changed to a much singable phrase, “Ohhhh I’ve got the Joy” and he added the end phrase “I won’t let it Go.” It was the perfect way to start this Common Hymnal journey and now when I listen to the song, I’m amazed at the whole process. 

Orlando Palmer

In April of 2018, Orlando Palmer and I were driving to Nashville together for a Common Hymnal writing camp. We got into town around 3:30am or so, after driving through the night from Virginia. Before Orlando took a morning nap, he had an idea stirring in his head and he recorded a voice memo. When he woke up he mentioned it to me and we tackled it together. We grabbed a guitar and a cheap Casio keyboard (I’d just bought off of Craigslist) and started working through the chords and lyrics. From thereon, I’ve Got The Joy essentially wrote itself. It is a simple lighthearted reminder that every good and perfect gift comes from God. Our songs, our peace, and our joy.

Ben Hardesty



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