Jesus, I Remember You


Jesus, I Remember You

"I originally wrote this song in Danish, my mother tongue - Jeg Vil Ikke Glemme Dig. Then, it was my joy to re-create it in English with my friend and ministry ally, Aaron Keyes.

When I read through scripture, I am amazed at how often Gods people forget him. Shortly after he frees them from slavery in Egypt, they start complaining about the desert. Then, after they praise him for providing food and water, they build false idols. And so on.

I must admit that I am no different. I keep forgetting God. Jesus is very aware of this. Therefore, when he introduces the new covenant, he tells his disciples to "do this (share communion) in remembrance of me..."

'Jesus, I Remember You' is a prayer against forgetfulness, reminding us of God's gracious works, paraphrasing the amazing words from Psalm 103." (Arvid Asmussen)

"A few years ago a worship leader from Denmark attended our worship school. We devote an evening to hearing songs the students have written, and that night Arvid shared a simple new song from Psalm 103 called I Will Not 'Glemme' You (I Will Not Forget You). I had no idea what he was singing, but I knew I wanted to sing it too. The whole room did. And I knew I'd have to figure out a way to create an English version." (Aaron Keyes)

Written by Arvid Asmussen (KODA),  Aaron Keyes (ASCAP)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP) Publishing (admin by CCLI 7061294.

Jesus, I remember you
Tell me again of your mercies
Tell me again of all the things you do

You seal my pardon
You heal my heart and
You lift me out of darkness
You give me life
You satisfy
You crown me in your goodness

I adore you
Adore you
Jesus, I remember you
Celebrating all you do

"A bird's eye view into the process of how I translated the song from Danish into English." (Aaron Keyes)

The original Danish video ...


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