Story Behind The Song: Just To Be A Child Again


Just To Be A Child Again

This song was written on a sweet afternoon after some laughter and great conversation between friends David and Brittney, an afternoon that turned into a soul-searching writing session. In one sense, everything was on the table.. the loss of innocence, relationship with the Holy Spirit, prejudice and fear, friendship and rejection, racism and reconciliation, suffering and empathy... and each theme as it was honestly discussed was explored and woven into a simple song with an effortless chorus that felt like it just floated out of the breeze... a carefree melody followed with the line "just to be a child again". One of David's highlights that resonated most with him is the line "to unlearn all this learned behavior". So much of our blindness to see and treat our brother and sister as they are and not as we think them to be is very connected to our conditioning, things we've seen and learned growing up, and that forms our beliefs more than we know. David has come to a place where he realizes he can't see or deal with his own prejudices without the help of others and the Holy Spirit, and that phrase came from his desire to be more aware. Both David and Brittney ended up so excited with the finished song, and it was evident that something special had been formed in the process. More than a song, it was a tender moment in the midst of a larger conversation, and they both believe it will bring others who listen into that same moment.

David Brymer



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