Story Behind The Song: Kingdom Come


Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come was a song that began to form in my heart back in 2014. I remember feeling the tensions of racism, white supremacy, and the systemic oppression. To my dismay, this began to become more magnified and explicit, through the killings of innocent Black people. I lived in a color-blind reality during my college years and then the scale fell from my eyes. I began to count up the deaths and once I ran out of fingers, my heart began to hurt and I could not remain silent. I could not be idle. I could not ignore the fact that innocent people, who looked like me, were being killed.The most impactful realization was when the Charleston shooting happened. I was leading a group of students in Charleston, not far from Mother Emanuel Church, on a service trip. That evening, Charleston Southern University, where we were located, shut down the school. I remember crying and walking around the campus, seeking refugee, because I did not know if I would be next to die. I thought to myself, "not even a church can save me from being innocently shot and killed." I gathered my team to pray and told them that this would happen in Charlotte, if we do not come to grips with the realities of Black lives being killed. 

Approximately one year later, On September 20, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed. Charlotte was in a disarray and the very city I loved was not deeply wounded. I remember walking the streets of uptown Charlotte hurting, troubled, confused, and longing for understanding and justice. I found nothing. I reached out to many of my white friends to join me in a prayer walk for the city. Most of them were evangelical church leaders, and they would not join me on the streets to pray and be with those who were hurting. Kingdom Come would be the only way I could offer honesty and hope to the situation. Through the verses, it was my attempt to paint tensions and realities of both Black and White people. The Chorus was a unified pray to God in hopes that he would restore us back to him, through the renewing of our minds. The bridge just naturally flowed as a cry for God to let His kingdom simply come. The best way to explain the bridge is that I had hoped to create a vulnerable and honest moment, while being completely broken and hurt, with God. I have learned that God is not afraid of our raw emotions and us being completely honest about where we are with Him and the chaos around us. 

Sanchez Fair



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