Known And Loved


Known And Loved

"I heard Dr. Tim Keller once define the gospel as these two tensions held together simultaneously: "fully known and fully loved". I had always hoped this idea would meander its way into a song, and when David and Freddy and I got together at a Common Hymnal writing retreat, it's what we decided to chase. Keller says that to be fully known but not fully loved is rejection, and to be fully loved but not fully known is sentimentality. Only in the gospel are we completely known and completely loved at the same time, and that, well that is heaven.” (Matt Papa)

Written by David Brymer (ASCAP), Freddy Washington (ASCAP), Matt Papa (ASCAP), Malcolm du Plessis (ASCAP)
© 2017 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Innerland (ASCAP), WholeHeart (ASCAP), Love Your Enemies Publishing (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7109356.

G                 D/F# G D/F#
We’ve been hiding in the shadows
Em           Bm C
Lost and afraid of you
G                 D/F# G D/F#
We’ve been wandering in the darkness
Em          Bm C
But if we only knew

       Em D/F#         
We are known and loved
G Am
Known and loved
    Em C     G
We are known and loved by you

You’ve been waiting to show us mercy
Your presence is our home
We’re your children, loved forever
Now every fear is gone

Em C G D       Em
There is no fear anymore, cause all that’s left is mercy
There is no fear in your love, you’re the God of mercy
There is no fear anymore, cause all that’s left is mercy
C       G       D
There is no fear in your love - In your love



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