Light A Fire


Light A Fire

"I have grown up in the church my whole life. Sometimes, I feel I was practically born on a church pew. When you are around the impacting power of God all the time, it can unfortunately begin to feel "familiar". I know for me, my heart has a tendency to wonder. And I also have experienced that, we, at times, begin to become callused by our disappointments, failures, experiences and even by our common expectation of meeting with God.

Light a fire is the song that has been my heart's cry this past season. God would you keep my fire burning? Would you take the ruins and wreckage of my life, take the things that have dwindled down to merely ash, things that from my earthly perspective there's nothing left, would you take those things and reignite the embers and set my heart on course to burn once again; that I would never go back to a place of growing cold and hardened?

I know our God to be the one who can take the ruins and wreckage of our lives and reignite them and do far more with it that we could imagine to be possible." (Mark Alan Schoolmeesters)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI)
© 2014 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Emmanuel Christian Center Publishing (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7061299.

I’m prone to wander
My heart inclined to slip away
But your grace is stronger
Than any distance I could stray
Wake my heart from slumber

Relight this fire again
Ignite the embers from ash
Light a fire in me
Lord light a fire in me
May we never grow cold
Burning for your name alone
Light a fire in me
Lord light a fire in me

Take the ruins
Take the wreckage of our lives
For your glory
“Christ in me” be more than “I”
Jesus move our hearts toward life

Fire from heaven grow
Start burning in my bones
Lord light a fire
Lord light a fire in me again



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