My Time Will Come


My Time Will Come

"My Time Will Come is the song for the burnt out, the restless, and those who've grown tired of waiting. It was a reminder to myself, on a day where things seemed to be going less than great, that soon, my hope would be fully realized." (Andrew Huang)

Written by Andrew Huang (BMI)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Music With Primary Colors (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7130042.

G                          Em
I've grown tired of waiting
G                       Em
For this river you promised I could play in           
D                              C  
Where I would get lost in the tide       
D                              C
And leave all this mess behind
G               Em
Oh, elusive freedom
G                                                  Em
Seen for a moment, then lost in the scenes of
D                                    C
My awkward and clumsy life
I'm tripping over laces no one taught me to tie

G                G/B     C
But I know that my time will come         
G                  G/B      C
Oh I know that my time will come                       
D                                Em              C
Through this infinite waiting, and this endless inbetween         
Oh I know that my time will come

G                                Em
I'm not too proud to admit it
G                                Em
It feels like I'm just one failure from quitting             
D                               C
And that treasure I found in the field       
D                               C
Somewhere, it had lost it appeal
G                            Em
But I just forgot where I hid it
G                               Em
It's been so long since I went digging   
D                                C
Oh, I just want to feel you again           
Feel the joy of my faith and the sorrow of sin



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