Negotiating God's Way


Negotiating God's Way

Four bible sentiments to consider when collaboration entails negotiating a business agreement:

1. Give preference to the other party above yourself. (Romans 12:10)

In practical terms, this means getting into the other party's shoes and processing the transaction from their vantage point.

2. Focus more on what you give than what you receive - believing that it is truly more blessed. (Acts 20:35)

1 leads to 2. If our hearts are for the success of the other party, then 'our treasure will be there', too. (Matthew 6:21) Moreover, it is just smart to incentivize partners to benefit from their efforts. They invariably go the "extra mile" as a result.  

3. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. (Matthew 5:37)

There is something really strong about sticking to the plan. If we re-evaluate past decisions and decide that they were unwise, it is best to let them be, and be wiser next time around. Having said this, there are times when it becomes necessary to free yourself from an arrangement for psychological wellbeing. (Proverbs 6:3) In such a situation, still be diligent to honor the other partner financially.

4. To him who has, more will be given. But to him who does not have, even the little that he has will be taken away. (Matthew 13:12)

It is best to enter into a business negotiation as a prosperous soul and not as a victim. Prosperity attracts. Neediness repels.

Malcolm du Plessis



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