Never Ending Love


Never Ending Love

"Brennan Manning once said, “My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.” Manning’s words accurately express the sentiment and truth of this song. When ‘Never Ending Love’ was written we were in a season marked by brokenness and heartache. We knew that the only way to find redemption and healing was to reach out to God. As we sought him in our time of need we experienced the unrelenting love of Jesus in a new way. Out of this experience the lyrics to the song began to take shape, giving voice to God’s love and renewal in our lives. Over time it’s become an anthem in our church, yet for us, the songwriters, it will always remain a simple, authentic reminder that we are deeply loved by Jesus and in his presence we have all that we need." (Aaron Williams)

Written by Aaron Williams (ASCAP), Klayton Seyler (BMI), Alan Thomas (SESAC), Aaron Keyes (ASCAP)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP), Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Music By 10000 Fathers Publishing (BMI), Common Hymnal Online (SESAC), 10KF Publishing (SESAC) (admin by CCLI 7061296.

All I am at your feet
Breath of life, breathe on me
Take these hands wash them clean
All I am at your feet

In your never ending love you rescued me
Sought me out, set me free
And your never ending love is all I need
It’s all I need

All for you, all of me
You deserve all I bring
Take my life, let it be
All for you, all of me

For I am nothing without you, nothing without you here in my life
There is hope here in your presence, here in your presence I come alive



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