Story Behind The Song: No Greater Joy


No Greater Joy

I was in Southern California when I first got the melody for the chorus, I remember walking outside with a guitar strapped around my back. At that time I had a sense of wonder and It felt like there was no ceiling creatively. But, something stirred in me as well… that there is no resurrection without death. No matter how good life seems, no love is greater then the love that suffers for the sake of our brother and sister. ‘if they’ve persecuted me they will persecute you..” and “ servant is greater than their master..” “..but I am one who comes to serve”

So the chorus came to me “..There is no greater joy..”

The verses first deal with the idea of shame, that shame ultimately keeps us from engaging with God. The second verse deals with the idea that shame has kept us from pursuing what is in us to do. There is a line that talks about awakening, But it’s not dealing with us gaining influence or becoming more popular in the pursuit of reformation, but rather becoming aware of the burdens that God carries for his people, especially the oppressed and marginalized. For a while I wrestled with the juxtaposition of these song verses that are typically interpreted as self empowerment and influence, and how it actually is intended to point into the seemingly opposite idea: death to self.

But what we are given by God is ultimately meant for giving out and not keeping it for our selfs. Salvation became sacrifice, and sacrifice became death, and death became new life and life eternally. There is no resurrection without death!

Brandon Hampton



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