Not Just For Me


Not Just For Me

This song was birthed out of a conversation about how there are tons of worship songs on the topic of how Jesus loves me, died for me, comforts and protects me.  But we rarely sing about Jesus’ unconditional love for everyone else. So ”Not Just For Me” is written, questioning this egocentric culture we are all a part of. (Jenny Wahlström)

"Not Just For Me is probably my favorite song I’ve ever been a part of. The simplicity of the song makes it easy to sing with any community, but the revolutionary message of the love of God will renew minds and pierce the heart." (Orlando Palmer)

“The heart of God beats for all.” (Stu G)

Written by Jenny Wahlström (STIM), Orlando Palmer (ASCAP), Stuart Garrard (PRS)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Jenny Wahlström’s Publishing Designee (ASCAP), IAMSON Productions (ASCAP), Integrity’s Alleluia! Music (SESAC), StuGiology Music (SESAC) (admin by

C5/G C5/A C/E
Not just for me, Jesus, you're
C/F C5/G C5/A C/E
Not just for me, Jesus, you’re
C/F C5/G
Not just for me

Am C
You're the God who crosses lines
Am C
To meet the ones who've been denied
Am C G
You're always near, no one's too far from you
Am G/B C G/B
And you're the God that knows the song of
Am G/B C G/B
Every tribe and every tongue, and
Am G/B C Dm7
As we are we all belong to you



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