Story Behind The Song: Not Just For Me


Not Just For Me


For many years now, we’ve been singing songs about Jesus loving ”me”, meeting ”my” needs, setting ”me” free and being ”my” anchor in the storm. Don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely true. God is FOR us. But we easily forget that he is also FOR the rest of the world. And not only the parts of the world we know about, or have visited. Not only the cultures we understand or think are likeable, but for the whole world. For all mankind. For every woman and every man. 

How big isnt that? When we as humans tend to compare, take sides and want to be on the winning team, Jesus says that the one who wants to be the biggest among us, has to make herself/himself the smallest. God doesn’t think like we do. He doesn’t take sides. He is for everyone. And one day, every tribe and tounge will bow their knees before him and proclaim him to be the king of kings and the Lord of Lords. 

Jenny Wahlström

"Not Just For me" was a gift that came out of conversation that was had at the Common Hymnal writing sessions. I don’t quite remember what the topic of conversation was, but I remember jotting down the note that read, “God speaks and loves in community”. This was a revolutionary thought that I have been trying to wrap my head around for some time and it seemed like confirmation when somebody spoke those words. For so long, I have subscribed to the “Jesus is my personal Savior” type faith. Which is truth but if not balanced with the intentional walk in community it creates an individualistic faith which can be toxic. 

"Not Just For Me" also means so much because it challenges us to think of Gods love outside of the social and faith traditions that we’re accustomed to. It is God’s will to break down any barriers that hinders His love from flowing. This love is to be shared for any and all people that are different from us; Just as Jesus did unconditionally.

Orlando Palmer

I’d been thinking about how much of the Christianity I’ve been a part of has focused on “personal relationship”. I totally get that idea, but the danger is it can become all about me. Reading the bible and seeing how salvation came to surprising places and whole communities, I wanted to explore the idea of the God who hears the cries of the oppressed and those who are different from me.

Of course, Jesus is the ultimate example of this, showing us that the heart of God beats for all. A love that crosses the lines of diversity and leaves no one outside of that love.

It was a treat and a brilliant experience to sit with Jenny and Orlando and flesh this out in a simple song.

Stu G



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