Nothing Left To Prove


Nothing Left To Prove

”We all feel the tug to have to strive and prove our worth to the world around us.  But eventually, we realize that all of the hurrying and scurrying leads us right back to where we started, only burnt out and broken.  This is the place we settle ourselves in the reality that we no longer live for the approval of others, with nothing left to prove.

You don’t need anyone or anything to validate you. You don’t have to play the game that some many believe they have to endure.  As illustrious as it may seem on the front end, trust me, it’s not worth loosing yourself in the process. 

Believe me.  I’ve walked my own journey of finding peace with the war of pleasing people. 

Settle in. Be steady without striving. 

You are unique and you are a gift to the world around you. God has uniquely designed you to impact the world you encounter today.  There is nothing more liberating than a person who walks confidently into their future, living fully present in the moment, having nothing left to prove.” (Mark Alan Schoolmeesters)

Written by Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (BMI)
© 2018 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Standing Room Only (BMI) (admin by

      Dm                                Am        G
I’m done with the hustle, I’m over the strife
I’m done with the endless race to try to get ahead in life 
I’m done with the scheming, I’m over with the games
                  F                  Gsus        G
I am finally ready for the chance to break 

                 C                                   G/B
Cause we all run in circles, and we all chase our tail 
             F               Am            Gsus         G
And we all climb a ladder that eventually will fail 
           C                                    G/B 
But this is my revelation, and this is my new pursuit 
F      Am     G                                             F        Am   G
I am letting go that I have something left to prove
      F        Am   G
I have nothing left to prove 

I’m done with the wrestle, I’m over the rise
I’m done with the validation we all seek to find 
I’m done with the flurry, I’m over with the haste 
I am finally ready for a healthy pace 

Nothing left to prove to myself
Or anyone else

I’m done with the luster, I’m over the fame 
I’m ready for something real to be the thing that stays
I’m over the anguish, I’m done with acclaim 
I’m desperate and I’m ready for a better way



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