O God Of Boundless Mercy


O God Of Boundless Mercy

"Have you ever noticed that, when people came into the presence of God in the worship accounts of the bible, God invariably responded by turning their hearts totally and utterly upside down, then sending them out to make a difference in his world?" (Malcolm du Plessis) For more, please read blog post "Inevitable".

Written by Aaron Keyes (ASCAP), Stuart Townend (PRS), Chris Spring (PRS), Paul Oakley (PRS)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com). CCLI 7028245.

O God of boundless mercy, now we come
Bringing our sacrifice of praise
To him who left his heavenly father's throne
To show the world your saving grace
Lord, in the light of overwhelming love
What can I give, what offering?
Lord of the harvest, here I am, send me

O God of burning presence, brand my heart
As with your saints through history
Who from encounter with your Spirit heard
“Whom shall I send to go for me?”
Changed by the power of unrelenting grace
Boldly they preached the savior's name
Lord as you sent them, here I am, send me

O living breath of Jesus, breathe on us
Power to do the works of heaven
To break oppression with a zealous love
Bringing the light of goodness in
Bread for the hungry, justice for the poor
Giving them hope and dignity
Lord of the helpless, here I am, send me

So, church of God, arise, his story tell
Boldly advance his victory
With word and power that shake the gates of hell
Setting the suff’ring captive free
Till every tongue confess his glorious name
His kingdom come, and never end
Lord of the nations, here I am, send me



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