Oh Hallelujah


Oh Hallelujah

"Hallelujah is our hearts cry, the word on our lips regardless of our situation. "Hallelujah", we are mindful of him in everything we say or do or feel. In the depth of all situations and emotions we ALL have a Hallelujah within us. To know and learn the strength of your Hallelujah in the difficult times and when your Hallelujah celebrates joy.

The chorus came out of a yearning to teach that simple truth, to sing something simple,"Hallelujah". To put our praise and adoration of Him at the centre of every moment. 

Whilst the verses stand in a place of desperation, we know also our God works in miraculous and powerful ways. So we cry, pray sing and shout our Hallelujah in truth." (Jenny WahlströmDan Weeks, Will Weeks)

Written by Jenny Wahlström (STIM), Dan Weeks (PRS), Willie Weeks (PRS)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), weeksweeksweeks (ASCAP) (admin by CapitolCMGPublishing.com), Zebra1 (PRS) (admin by Bucks Music Ltd). CCLI 7074398.

When all hope is gone, and my heart is heavy
It's the place where every soul goes
When I look for you, you are still there with me
It's a peace that every heart knows
Every heart knows
Whenever you're close

There's a melody right here, it's written on our hearts
Our hallelujah
And we'll sing it loud and clear, as you sing it over us
Oh hallelujah
Oh hallelujah
Be my hallelujah
I need you more and more

At the gates of hell we will call on heaven
Can you hear the father's heart pound?
The ground will shake, when our hearts are broken
And with a shout you bring the walls down
Bring the walls down
Bring the walls down



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