Greg Boyd's Take On The Priesthood of Believers


Greg Boyd's Take On The Priesthood of Believers

My wife and I listened to this Greg Boyd sermon yesterday while on a road trip, and it moved us both in profound ways.

Here's a quick thought to stoke the conversation. 

"Jesus AND the Church is the hope of the world".

Greg makes the point that if Jesus alone is the hope of the world, then our role as his body is unnecessarily. This escapist mindset breeds lethargy and passivity. Let the professional Christians do the work. But, if we truly believe that Jesus AND his church are the light of the world, this mindset empowers us all to find our place and do our part in serving and loving the world around us. 

But seriously, take sometime and watch this video. What sticks out to you here? 

Nathan Fray (United Pursuit)


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