"I wrote this song after my fifth trip to Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. The things I witnessed, the people I met, and the stories I heard had fleshed out the absurdity of the incarnation in a way that scared me, broke my Western worldview, and filled me with gratitude and awe at the humility of Jesus who didn't consider equality with God as something to hold on to, but humbled himself, and became less than nothing... A God who was born a refugee." (David Brymer)

Written by David Brymer (ASCAP)
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Bb                               Dm
My Savior was born a refugee
Eb               F               Bb
Was hunted in his own country
Bb                                       Dm
From heaven, an unplanned pregnancy
Eb          F                Bb
Adopted by his own family

My Savior, he did not save himself
He suffered and brought the sick to health
His kingdom, for those in poverty
To know him, for those with eyes to see

Bb        Dm    Gm
God is not untouchable
Eb     F             Bb            F
Jesus bared his heart and soul
Eb                    F              Gm
Our eyes have seen the invisible
Eb                F         Bb    
Now God is one of us

My Savior, he died a lonely death
Forsake at his final breath
No one to sing at his funeral
Did this life mean anything at all?

                          Bb                             Gm
Who could have thought? Who could imagine
                  Eb      Bb          F
This kind of love - God has blood
             Bb                       Gm
Pouring out on a cross we made
                 Eb                        Cm    Eb
God has a face - God has a name
Eb Bb/D  F/C  Gm Eb Bb/D               F
Jesus   -   Jesus   -   Jesus   -   God with us
Eb Bb/D  F/C  Gm Eb Bb/D                F
Jesus   -   Jesus   -   Jesus   -   God with us



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