"I wrote Rejoice twelve years ago and have carried it with me from Christmas to Christmas. It has changed ever so slightly over the years - a revised bridge, a key change, etc. I've played it completely stripped down and rocked it out with a full band. The one thing that holds true is its simple straightforward message, taken from the book of Luke. The melody and chords are easy to grab ahold of for the band and congregation. It's my simple Christmas jam." (Stephen Petree)

Written by Stephen Petree (BMI)
© 2015 Common Hymnal Digital (BMI), Joshua Gemm Music (BMI) (admin by CCLI 7061281.

I believe a message of a king
Who came as a baby
Born of a virgin birth
Sent from heaven to earth
The only father, being God
Surely the kingdom has come

"Rejoice, rejoice, glory to God in the highest"
And the angels sing:
"Rejoice, glory to God in the highest on Christmas day"

The angels declared the truth
As they spoke to the shepherds in the field
Don't be afraid, for behold
I bring you good news and joy
Today in the city of David
There's born a savior to you

It's peace on earth and goodwill to man
Emmanuel from the Lord



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