"I was on the organ in church while my father was giving an altar call. I watched as a young lady that I went to high school with walked down the aisle, tears streaming down her face. During that time of prayer she accepted Jesus as her savior and right in that moment, as my father led her in prayer, I felt inspired to write a song that I would eventually title "Saved". I've written many songs during times of prayer and worship at the end of our services, but this moment felt very special." (Freddy Washington)

Written by Freddy Washington (ASCAP)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), WholeHeart (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7071986.

You left your throne in heaven
On a cross you died
To lead me out of darkness
Into your light
Standing in your presence
I don't have to hide
You've taken all my sin away
You've saved me

Only you, only you
Only you would do this for me

I'm saved, I'm saved
I'm saved, I'm saved

For every single moment
That I'm breathing
You've given me your Spirit
You won't leave me
You won't leave me

Your love has made me brand new
My heart, it belongs to you
And joy is overflowing
Finally, I know where home is
I will never be the same
No, I will never be the same
Jesus, you saved me

And when this life is over
And all my days are done
Let the words you've spoken
Be the race I've run
Glory to the Son
Glory to the Son



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