Sing The Name


Sing The Name

"My hope, when writing this song, was to fashion a sort of lullaby – a simple song that brought us back to the simple name of Jesus. As believers, we so easily complicate the Gospel. We fill every possible space of our lives with noise because we are addicted to the chaos. If things aren’t swirling and moving at a fast enough pace, we worry we aren’t doing enough. We live as if it all depends on us, but we don’t realize we’ve been tricked by the illusion of control. Most of us aren’t living from what Thomas Kelly calls “The Divine Center.” We long for an “undivided heart” as the psalmist would say in Psalm 86:11, but inwardly we feel torn by the surrounding culture of consumerism, celebrity, and competition. We must return to the simple name of Jesus. Jesus is our sanity in a world of insanity. He is the clarity in a cloudy and confused domain." (Micah Massey)

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Written by Micah Massey (ASCAP), Israel Houghton (BMI), BJ Putnam (BMI)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), 10000 Fathers (ASCAP), Integrity's Praise! Music (BMI), Sound Of The New Breed (BMI) (admin by, BJ Putnam's Publishing Designees (BMI). CCLI 7069580.

Louder than the voice of fear
Stronger than the enemy
Lifted up for all to hear
Sing the name of Jesus 

Brighter than a million stars
Higher than the heavenlies
The sound of every rescued heart
Sing the name of Jesus 

Sing the name of Jesus
Sing the name of Jesus
Sing the name of Jesus
Over all, over all

Greater than my greatest sin
Bigger than my unbelief
You make all things new again
Sing the name of Jesus 

The name we shout, the name we call
Jesus, Jesus, over all
The name gives hope, the name gives life
Jesus, Jesus, lifted high



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