Consequences Of God's People Becoming A Collaborative Priesthood


Consequences Of God's People Becoming A Collaborative Priesthood

Each of us are an original piece of art with a unique perspective and a unique contribution to make. Our stories and our contributions have value no matter the course of our journey. Active participation in God’s community is the ultimate antidote to consumerism. It involves partnering with people with different gifts, different experiences, different theologies, different emphases, different cultures, different values, different tastes, from different age groups and in different seasons in life. 

Participating in God's community as a collaborative priesthood is a challenging assignment and has a way of exposing where we are in our journey toward Christlikeness. It calls for - giving more than receiving; preferring others above ourselves; drawing out others’ ideas more than imposing ours; cultivating the skill to listen and learn from others, not always needing them to be on the same page; being more excited to serve than to be served; becoming an expert in giving the benefit of the doubt; becoming a student of diversity.

We are convinced that if we can rediscover a Christianity where everyone gets a chance to play, it will result in a church that is more meaningful, more believable, more diverse, more inclusive, more rewarding, more fruitful, more transformational.

Malcolm du Plessis



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