Sons And Daughters Of The King


Sons And Daughters Of The King

"A little while ago, I started writing a song based on the realization that if I didn’t tell fear the truth, false realities and the opinions of other people would drive my life. I jumped out of the shower with a few lyrics and started yell-singing at my husband—partly so he could figure out the chord structure, but also partly because I’ve always wanted to yell at Satan like a crazy person ever since seeing Priscilla Shirer do it in that War Room movie. I sang, “Fear is a liar, Shame’s a thief, Guilt is dead, and I am free!” over and over again, storing those words in the deepest crevice of me.

A few months later, I found myself in a writing room with Paul Duncan and I knew he was the right person to build this song with. He came up with the melody for the chorus and one hour later, the song was finished. It flowed out of us. We wanted to write a declarative, truth-telling song for people to hold on to when Fear and Guilt and Shame seem to hold so much power." (Savannah Locke)

Written by Savannah Locke (ASCAP), Paul Duncan (ASCAP)
© 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), SAVANNAHLOCKE (ASCAP), Centricity Music Publishing (ASCAP) (admin by CCLI 7071988.

No failure defines me or tells me who I am
My worth is not determined by the world's demands
Fear is a liar, shame's a thief
Guilt is dead and I am free

Doubt is not my ruler, it cannot have a throne
My past won't stand before me and tell me where to go
Fear is a liar, shame's a thief
Guilt is dead and I am free

Oh what freedom to be found
What power to be sons and daughters of the king
Oh the ransom that was paid
How precious to be sons and daughters of the king
Sons and daughters of the king

My seat's at the table, the wine has been poured
I don't have to settle for crumbs left on the floor
Mine's not the story of an orphan anymore
I am home

Sealed with a name
A name that can never be changed
We are yours
We are yours



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